Clickity Click – A Feature on Let The Kids | Austin Children Photographer

One of my favorite images was featured on Let The Kids Dress Themselves this week.  This image I captured on a whim during our usual weekend outting speaks so much about who my #3 is.  His personality oozes through this photo!!  He is a eclectic of a clown, a boy, a super hero and a snuggle bug.  I love him to the ends of the world and back 😀

This is the very reason why I have no shame being a MWAC (mom with a camera)!  If I didn’t have my camera that day, I wouldn’t have caught this moment on film.  It would have been forgotten one, two or ten years from now.  With this captured on my camera, I now have a ever lasting memory of this priceless moment for my grand children and many generations to come!

Child and dog riding in the truck wind blowing picture Austin Texas+

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